Water Softener

Hard water is a problem that occurs across the United States, affecting 82% of homes. Hard water can take its toll on your body as well as your home and belongings. Softening your water can lead to a variety of benefits, help you save money on utility costs, and save you the cost of repairing hard water damage. And, fortunately, a water softener makes improving your water quality easy

Water enters the top of the water-softener tank and percolates down through the resin beads.

The resin has a negative charge, which attracts the positively charged minerals in the water (a process known as ion exchange). The mineral deposits cling to the resin and the now-softened water exits the softener tank and flows throughout the house..

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filters and neutralizers are built to treat your water and protect pipes, faucets, water heaters, boilers and all appliances requiring the use of water. Our product lines eliminate blue-green staining associated with low pH water, remove iron, sediment, color, odor and even improve the taste of your water.

Lancaster’s products are constructed with high-quality American made components to assure durability and long product life. All of this, along with a simplified design, low maintenance, and low operating costs makes for a perfect system.

1. Add salt to the unit
2.. Once a year, check the components to make sure everything is working accordingly Acid neutralizer, and filters